Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our God Of Miracles

I had the HUGE privilege of seeing God work a miracle! Some months back a pastor's wife, Justa, came to me for some advice. She and Pastor Delphinus have been married for going on eight years and she had never been able to conceive. She had gone to several doctors and was finally told that it would be next to impossible to conceive, and even if she did her uterus was off to the side and would burst about three months into the pregnancy. However, she continued to pray for a baby. Being childless is a major deal here with African women. Their total identity and security is wrapped up in their children. To not have a child is a great shame here. It was also a hindrance in her being accepted in her role as a pastor's wife. Then about a year ago her brother agreed for her to adopt his child since the mother had died in childbirth. Maria was 1 years old when she came to live with Justa and Delphinus. They took that as God's answer, although never stopped praying if it be His will to give them another child.


The day Justa arrived at our home for some counsel she was coming up on three months pregnant and was fearful that any day her uterus would burst and she would lose this baby and possibly die. She hadn't even allowed herself to experience the joy that she actually got pregnant after 7 years. She just kept thinking of the news that doctors had given her about a year prior. I had heard of a good clinic about 30 minutes away so we made plans to drive there the next day to see a doctor. When we arrived they took her in for an ultra-sound and the Tanzanian doctor reassured her that her uterus would NOT burst. That as the baby grew, her uterus would also grow. Justa and I got to see the baby's little heart beat. When we left the clinic and got into my car I asked her if I needed to further explain what the doctor had told her. She said yes and could hardly believe it was true. She was three months along and the baby was doing great. We sat in the car and praised the Lord! She just kept saying over and over again, Mungu ni ajabu!!! God is amazing!

I went to visit Justa one day to explain about what to expect in childbirth and how to know when she should go to the hospital. I wasn't quite sure the baby was head down and the local clinic she was going to hadn't said anything on her last visit. I felt the Lord urging me to take her back to the Nyakato Clinic so we made plans to go a few days later. When we arrived the place was packed! I hadn't realized there was going to be a team of doctors from the States there doing surgery. We waited, and waited, and waited. When we finally got to see the doctor he did another ultrasound and told us the baby was breech.  He told Justa that she needed to go to the hospital to have her baby and that they might have to do a c-section. Now I'm not a doctor, but as far as I understood most breech babies in the United States are taken by c-section. I was nervous about going back home so told Justa to wait for me and I would try and find the American nurse who helps run the clinic. As soon as I explained the situation she said she needed to be seen by the American doctor who was there, who "HAPPENED" to be an OB/GYN. So we waited some more and then the doctor checked her and found that the baby was presenting feet first. A c-section was in order and he and his team were willing to do it. So what was a visit turned into an overnight stay with the c-section scheduled for early the next morning. However, the Lord knew she needed to be in that clinic that very day because in the night her water broke and she went into labor. Bill and I picked up her husband and rushed to the clinic. We got there just in time for her to be taken into surgery. We waited (again), with her husband who could not stop smiling and praising God. A few minutes later we watched him hold his beautiful little girl, Rachel.

That night I stayed with Justa and Rachel and went over again and again in my mind about what a miracle this baby was. She was born to parents who never thought they would conceive. She was carried full-term when the doctors said it could not happen. She went to the clinic and when we found out the baby was breech there were American doctors there to do the c-section. We serve a GLORIOUS GOD!!!!!