Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Series Part 3


We've planned. We've prepared. We've visited. Now the day is here!

Every Easter we have a combined church service for all our churches who are able to attend. It is always a big day with much excitement. This year was no exception!

The women gathered early on Thursday to begin the tedious task of cleaning the 385 pounds of rice to be cooked on Sunday. The men slaughtered the cow Sunday morning at 5:00AM. The women arrived at 6:00AM to begin cooking. They all worked hard to provide a special meal for a HUGE crowd of people.

Now doesn't that look yummy?! That's what the beef looks like after it's been cooked - stomach, cartilage, hoofs, eyes, and all!  At this point I should be honest and  say that we desperately miss potlucks back in America!

People started arriving from  the  villages of Fumagira, Mayoka, Kitongo, Nyamasale, and even Mwanza town. 

It is amazing how many people you can fit into the back of these trucks.

With six choirs, and the children from each of the churches planning to sing and quote Scripture, Pastor Pelegrino tried to keep things moving.

The church was full to capacity with children sitting in the isles to attempt to make room for the adults to sit. However, there were still adults standing in the back. There is no way to know for sure how many were there, but we estimate somewhere around 700. 

Pastor Petro preached a clear message of salvation and 13 people came forward to receive Christ.

After the four-hour service people gathered outside for the baptisms. Due to lack of water we tend to baptize twice a year. Once during the Christmas service, and once at Easter. Sixty-three people were baptized.

To end the day bowls and bowls of rice, beans, and meat were served up. People went away that day with hearts and bellies full!

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