Thursday, April 5, 2012

The gift of hearing

scuffling rocks...
phone ringing...
door shutting...

These are just a few of the things James got to hear for the first time. James' mother Pendo contracted measles when she was pregnant. They aren't sure, but think his hearing was possibly affected. Then after a severe ear infection, topped off with poor medical care, he became almost deaf in both ears. For years the family tried to get help for their son. James' dad, Constantine, was even given the equivalent of $150.00 to buy a hearing aid. Sadly, the money was taken by a local hospital doctor without them ever getting the promised hearing aid.

Pendo came to work for us a few years ago. Recently I was given a contact for  AIC-CURE Internaltional Children's Hospital of Kenya. This hospital is just down the road from our daughter's boarding school - Rift Valley Academy. We made arrangements with the hospital to bring James and his mother while we picked up Abigail for her end-term break. I couldn't wait to tell Pendo!

Kijabe, Kenya is about 11 hours from Mwanza, Tanzania. This was an exciting adventure for Pendo and James. Both had only traveled as far as Musoma - a three hour drive from Mwanza. It was neat seeing their reactions as we got further away from home, and into another country. We've driven this route many times, but seeing it through their eyes was like seeing it for the first time!

Once we arrived at CURE they tested James to see how much he can hear out of each ear. We were then told that he was a good candidate for a hearing aid. PRAISE THE LORD! The nurse brought in a solar-powered hearing aid and began fitting James. I'll never forget when she turned it on and began talking to him - his face lit up! (Notice his mom's joy in the mirror.)

The nurse was explaining that families in America donate hearing aids (approximately $250.00) so people like James can hear the Word of God, and I was in turn translating for Pendo. It was at that point that it really hit her and she began to cry. What a gift  to give someone - the ability not only to hear, but to hear God's Word!!! 

We are now back home in Tanzania and James is doing GREAT! He is talking up a storm and already doing better in school.  His world has opened up and that can't help but make him smile...


  1. I just love the pictures, makes me teary! Praise the Lord!!

  2. Truly God is good! What a wonderful story to share! And thank you for loving the people God has called you to serve!

  3. Thanks for the update... God is truly Great!! it is amazing the things we take for granted. What an awesome gift for James. PTL