Friday, August 31, 2012


As you know, we just got back from a short trip to the States. We had a wonderful time and are ready to get back at the work God has called us to do.

When we got home Bill spoke with Pastor Pelegrino about all that has been happening while we've been gone. Sadly, he has had to deal with three different instances of adultery with some leaders at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Igekemaja. Please make this a matter of prayer as Bill walks Pastor Pelegrino through the process of dealing with this sin issue in the church.

However, all wasn't sad news. Pele also shared that he and Pastor Petro called together the various pastors/leaders from several of our churches for a planning meeting. Pele explained that we were not there, and one day we would be gone and they need to learn to stand on their own. Each of the men raised the money for travel and lunch. Pele said it was a good meeting and everyone walked away encouraged and excited. Of course we were thrilled to hear of their initiative!

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