Friday, September 13, 2013

God Cares For Individuals

Many times in church-planting we see the big picture. A village with no Gospel witness. Thousands of lost souls without an opportunity to hear the plan of salvation.
What we may lose sight of is the fact that these villages are made up of individuals who need Jesus Christ in their lives.
Pascali is one such individual who lives in the village of Kikano where we planted a church just last year. Previously, this village had no Gospel-preaching church. Through the witness of this new church Pascali received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.
Recently Pascali testified that before the church was started in Kikano he was a hopeless drunk. He was unable to provide for the needs of his family. As a matter of fact, he was a heavy burden to his wife and children because of his sinful lifestyle.
However, Pascali gave glory to God by testifying that Jesus has dramatically changed his life! He has stopped drinking. He is faithfully attending church and is now meeting the needs of his family.
Because of a new church plant in a remote village, just think of how this entire family will be changed by the power of the Gospel!

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