Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sunday School Teachers Training Seminar

We are blessed to have Lisa Newland working with us in Tanzania. Earlier this month she held a Sunday School Teachers Seminar. We are greatly encouraged to hear of Mama Odetta's willingness to be used of the Lord in teaching children! Below is Lisa's blog post about the seminar:

Mama Gervas, Mama Odetta, and Lisa Newland

Mama Odetta

49 years old.  Widow.  Mother of 4.  Saved as a child, though didn’t grow much in the Lord till she joined our church over 10 years ago, and even then her attendance/ growth has been up and down.  Mama Odetta was one of our 11 seminar participants this year.

She shared a testimony at the end of the week:  When I found out that my daughter couldn’t go to the seminar, but that I was invited, I thought, “I don’t know how to teach kids.  I wouldn’t know what to do.”  When I asked my friends they all said, “You should go.  We’ll take care of things at home for you.  Go.”  I felt led to come, but still didn’t think I would be able to do much.  Then in our session on teamwork I learned that if I taught Sunday school, I wouldn’t be alone.  I would be joining a team of teachers, and we could help each other.  That’s when I thought, “Maybe I can do this.”  And now, if my fellow teachers will help me, I want to try to help out as a Sunday school teacher.

AMEN!  We all cheered.  Justa, the pastor’s wife at Mama Odetta’s church and the head Sunday school teacher, said,“We will help you for sure.  We are so happy to have you join us!”

Mama Odetta teaching about the rich man and Lazarus
Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons of the seminar, Justa and I taught a demo class.  We had 15-20 neighbor kids each day.  We sat them down in front of all the seminar attendees and taught an hour-long class (including songs, Bible lesson, review questions, and memory verse).  Then on Thursday we split the 11 seminar attendees into 4 groups, and gave them a Bible lesson and 1 ½ hours to prepare their own 1-hour long class.  I was so blessed to watch Mama Odetta teach those kids.  She got right down on their level and told Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus.   How that living the good life now isn’t that great.  Instead, God is looking for people who will walk by faith.   And this taught by a women who has suffered and struggled and kept her faith in God.  

His name be praised!!!!!

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