Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Building Dedication

This past Sunday we had a celebratory service for the Charity Baptist Church in the village of Bundilya. It was their first time to meet in their new building. I'll let this short video give more details...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Powerful Display of God's Word To Change a Life

We witnessed a powerful display of God’s Word to change a life during our week-long revival meeting at the church in Fumagira the week before Christmas. There were a total of 47 adult salvation decisions during the meeting, however, the salvation of one lady demonstrated the mighty power of the Word of God to convict and convert even one held in bondage by Satan.

As we have mentioned many times before, the villages where we are planting churches are steeped in witchcraft. Before hearing the truth of the Gospel, the people in these villages live in constant fear of curses and under the heavy influence of witchdoctors.  They believe the spirits of their deceased ancestors control every aspect of their lives.  They build little wooden huts for these ancestral spirits to live in.  They cook extra food to place in these huts in order to feed their dead ancestors.  The witchdoctors claim that they can communicate with these spirits.  When people experience trouble or what they consider bad luck, they visit the witchdoctor.  He claims that he can appease your dead ancestors in order to change your luck.  In reality, these people are opening up their souls to Satan and his demons.

This particular lady who was converted at our revival meeting was invited to this meeting by one of our church members at Fumagira.   We discovered later that this was the first time that this lady had ever attended a church in her entire life.  Kitabo, a preacher from a church in Bariadi, preached on the topic of witchcraft that evening. Kitabo knows all about witchcraft since he was a witchdoctor before becoming a Christian. As his message was coming to a close this lady fell to the ground and began yelling and screaming for almost ten minutes. Pastor Pelegrino and some other leaders in the church calmly took her aside and opened the Word of God. As they did so a guttural animalistic voice uttered unintelligible words from her mouth.  She was obviously being harassed by the forces of evil. At one point her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she went unconscious for a short time. When she came to she couldn’t remember anything that had just happened. They spent the next hour giving this lady the message of the Gospel. She desperately wanted deliverance and received Jesus Christ as her Savior.

She instantly became a new creature in Christ! She came every night of these meetings. She attended the Christmas service. She helped the ladies who cooked the meal for the Christmas service. Even her countenance was transformed! She looked like a different person. During our baptismal service on Christmas Day, she publicly declared her faith in Christ and submitted to believer’s baptism.  We are thrilled to report that she continues to faithfully attend our church at Fumagira, and she is growing in grace.  God’s Word has not lost its power. It is still “quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12).