Sunday, May 3, 2015

Audio Bibles

One of Tammy's goals on furlough was to purchase solar powered audio Bibles to bring back to Tanzania. She researched, talked with product reps, ordered samples, and PRAYED. Her heart's desire was to bring back God's Word for those who cannot read, and to increase reader's ability to meditate on God's precious Word.

Since we have been back from our furlough we've been able to give out many audio Bibles. Quite a few of them were passed out at a special 10th Anniversary service in Fumagira. There was much rejoicing as we showed the pastors how to use them.

Before a Sunday service in the village of Kikano we noticed an audio Bible sitting outside in the sun charging. After church a group of ladies went outside to get it and began listening - this after a typical, long service. Tammy asked if this was common and the ladies happily told her they do it every week!

We want to thank every person who contributed towards putting God's Word into the hands of Tanzanians. A special thank you to the the Bible Baptist Church of Palm Harbor, FL  and also the First Baptist Church of Atoka, TN.

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