Churches and Pastors

This is a list of the churches and the pastors that have been started through the ministry of BIMI missionaries in the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. 

Pastor Delphinus & Justa
Charity Baptist Church of Ibungilo, est. 1998
Compassion Baptist Church of Nyamasale, est. 2009

Pastor Gervasi & Anna 
Independent Baptist Church of Igoma, est. 1999

Petro & Katarina
Independent Baptist Church of Fumagira, est. 2004

Pastor Musa & Naomi
Independent Baptist Church of TX, est. 2005

Pastor John & Mariamu
The Lighthouse Baptist Church, Kidinda, est. 2005
The Good News Baptist Church, Sanungu, est. 2008
Zion Baptist Church, Ng'mwita, est. 2011
Calvary Baptist Church, Mwamapalala, est. 2001
Mwashegeshi Baptist Church, Mwashegeshi, est. 2011
Calvary Baptist Chruch, Mwanzugi, est. 2011
Nguliguli Baptist Church, Nguliguli, est. 2011

Pastor Zephania & Sophia
The Salvation Station Baptist Church, Bubinza, est. 2006

Pastor Ngamba & Deborah
Fellowship Baptist Church of Igekemaja, est. 2007

Pastor Pelegrino & Happiness
Central Baptist Church of Mayoka, est. 2009
Independent Baptist Church of Zuri, est. 2015

Pastor Daudi & Luci
Nazareth Baptist Church, Nyasaka, est. 2008

Pastor Mbugua & Milka
Independent Baptist Church of Kitongo, est. 2010

Pastor Charles & Eliza
Charity Baptist Church of Bundilya, est. 2011

Pastor Bonafice & Tereka
Grace Baptist Church of Kikano, est. 2012

Pastor Zebroni & Lucia
Faith Baptist Church of Kimaga, est. 2014


  1. It is such a blessing to be able to recognize the faces of so many of these Pastors and their wives. You are all in my prayers each day and I pray that the Lord may allow me to come again and visit these beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ!

    1. Lorita, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Its always a blessing to know people are reading our blog and especially that they are PRAYING for us and the ministry here! We'd love to have you back anytime. =)