Prayer Requests


Settling back into life in Tanzania  is going well. We've been home now for just over a month. We had a great furlough and are grateful for our time with family, friends, and supporters.

Saying goodbye to our teammate.  We have worked with Lisa Newland for going on nine years. We are very sad to see her leave. However, her family needs her back home and the time is right for her to leave her ministry of training Sunday School teachers in the capable hands of Justa and Happiness who are both pastor's wives. Please pray for Lisa as she transitions back to life in America.

We need rain!  Please pray for the rains that have started to continue. Tanzania did not get the expected rains in October/November so all their crops failed. The short rains have begun and people are trying to plant things that will be ready to harvest when these rains end. Many in the village are only able to eat one meal a day. All their time is spent trying to somehow get food for the day, or walking a distance to get water that is more and more scarce. We are doing what we can to help, but the need is great.

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